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Create Wealth by Collecting Graded Numismatic Gold and Silver Coins

There is a way to build your wealth by collecting numismatic coins. My favorite, the MS70 Silver American Eagle is the hottest collectible on the market today. There is a new MLM company marketing collectible gold and silver numismatic coins called Numis Network.Numis Network was founded by Ian Cordell, Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian. These three have many years of experience in the direct sales industry. They have partnered with Mike Mezack the number #1 numismatic coins salesman in the world. Mezack has sold millions of dollars in his 20 years experience in the sale of modern issue silver and gold coins. You may have caught him late at night on the home shopping network. Numis Network has a goal of becoming the worlds largest retailer of collectible graded gold and silver numismatic coins. Launching Numis Network as a MLM company is a different idea for the network marketing industry.This is a unique approach to network marketing because of the following reasons:1. Everyone wants to collect money. Why not do so with Gold and Silver numismatic coins?2. This has actually never been done before in a MLM company3. The founders have actually built or help build many other direct sales companies.Based upon this the company is already seeing huge growth and interest in the coin collecting product. This trend of collecting gold and silver numismatic coins is a business that is on fire. Everyone sees the value of the dollar shrinking and is looking to collect coins as a way to preserve and create wealth for their future. Those interested in a MLM are adopting or trying to adopt the strategies of the wealthy.There are four strategies that the wealthy practice regularly. They are:1. Create multiple streams of income2. Earn off the efforts of others3. Create and collect assets4. Take advantage of opportunities before everyone elseBecoming a part of the Numis Network team is a way to begin a coin collecting business that can help you create, collect and preserve wealth using the four strategies of the wealthy.